04 - 07 wrzesień 2024

54 Kongres EABCT “New Age of CBT – Challenges and Perspectives.”

Lokalizacja: Belgrad, Serbia

Cena: 260€-390€ opłaty konferencyjnej 75€-90€ za warsztaty przedkonferencyjne (do 1.08 niższa opłata konferencyjna) ceny dla członków PTTPB

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Dear Colleagues,

We are delighted to host the upcoming EABCT Congress in the picturesque city of Belgrade, Serbia, centered around the theme “New Age of CBT – Challenges and Perspectives.”

Over the past quarter-century, we have been engaged in teaching and researching in the field of CBT. An exciting milestone awaits us in the form of the forthcoming EABCT2024 congress, set to unite dedicated scholars, therapists, and researchers from across the globe. Together, we will address challenges we face and promising perspectives that define the dawn of a new age of CBT.
Belgrade itself, nestled along the banks of the Danube River, beckons with its vibrant blend of rich history, vibrant culture, and genuine hospitality. Wandering through the city’s charming cobblestone streets, you will uncover a captivating fusion of ancient fortresses, bustling markets, and modern architecture.

Two Serbian CBT associations, one from Belgrade (ACBTS) and one from the city of Niš (SRABCT) are preparing an enriching scientific program, complemented by social events, including the congress party and captivating showcases celebrating Serbian culture. We consider the EABCT congress a vital way to build both knowledge and new connections, and for these reasons, we will offer an affordable fee structure.

We wholeheartedly anticipate your participation at our congress. Together, we will exchange cutting-edge, evidence-based insights and create lasting memories at this exceptional congress experience in Belgrade, a true crossroads where East and West converge.

Tatjana Vukosavljević Gvozden
Ivana Vračkić